Experience the heart to heart coming together of mind, beauty and soul

At Michael’s Hair Design & Day Spa, we believe a healthy spirit and mind are an essential part of true beauty. Our passionate and committed team of salon and spa professionals instinctively recognize that true beauty is not just a look or a style but a connection of mind, beauty and soul.

And how does a salon achieve such well-being and positive energy for each and every one of its clients? It’s about coming together, tapping into the unique talent and tools within the salon and having a heart to heart understanding from the client on what their vision is to rejuvenate their hair, skin, face, hands, feet and/or body, a total complement to relieving stress and releasing the beauty of the inner “you”. The result is the “self” you want, not what we think you want.

To deliver on such a commitment requires a dedicated and talented staff and the inspiration of the salon’s owner, Michael Muia.  Michael and the staff have created not only a fun, safe, comfortable sense of community at the salon but also a sharing space online. 

Michael's Hair Design & Day Spa

 "Heart 2 Heart" Gift Card Campaign

This holiday season we are celebrating coming together while Covid has kept many of us apart. 

The gift card is a great way to deliver a total complement to relieving stress and releasing the beauty of your "inner" self and those of the ones you care about

Stay Together. Stay Happy. Stay Safe

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Light Blonde Hair Contouring

As a part of our SS17 ULTRA CONTOURING collection by Couture Color, learn how to create the Ultra Grunge light blonde contouring look with Wella Professionals Creative Artist, Frank Apostolopoulos.

Wavy LOB on Brown Hair

Learn how-to create a hair color transformation to a sandy beige on a textured lob with this step-by-step tutorial.

Color Re-New Hair Color Reducer

Ever wanted to remove artificial hair color before applying a new one? Discover Color Re-New, the zero damage color reducer with Wella Professionals!


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